Volunteer Screening

Volunteer Screening



VolunteerScreener.com is an online tool that allows volunteers to order their own background screenings for submission to organizations where you plan to volunteer. This site collects the necessary information to process your background report.

Volunteer background checks are required by many non-profit and government organizations for a number of volunteer positions including coaches, camp counselors, volunteer workers, teachers, etc. In an effort to ensure a safe environment for youth and adult program participants, background screenings for volunteers are becoming a part of best-practice operations.

VolunteerScreener.com will take you step-by-step through the volunteer screening process. You can expect to spend an average of five minutes completing this process.

Volunteer Screening Process


In this age of more stringent accountability and security, conducting volunteer background screenings is becoming a “best practice” of many non-profit and governmental organizations. This extra responsibility can add to the administrative burden of your team. That’s where VolunteerScreener.com comes into play.

VolunteerScreener.com automates the volunteer background screening process and is backed by the experience and reputation of FirstPoint Background Screening Services. VolunteerScreener.com is an online tool that automates and manages the volunteer screening process from start to finish. By using VolunteerScreener.com, your volunteers can order and view their own background screenings, eliminating the need for your staff to be involved at every step. What’s more, VolunteerScreener allows you to customize the information included in the background report. Once completed, the reports are available for you to review online at your convenience or the report can be electronically delivered directly to the appropriate organization representative.


More About Why You Need A Volunteer Screening Process

The volunteer screening process isn’t as simple as looking at a criminal background check.

With the plethora of sites out there to find voluntary help, it’s hard not to take advantage of those willing to give their time and energy to offer help. Volunteer work can be very beneficial for those individuals who may have a tough time finding a job or just need something different. However, even though you think that asking an individual if they have ever been convicted of a crime may be enough, it is not. Volunteer screening should go much deeper than just going through a record check online and requesting information from the volunteer.

This article will talk about why investing in volunteer screening processes is so important for non-profit organizations and how FirstPoint Background Screening Resources can help you. Volunteer screening, just like anything else in the professional world, should be taken very seriously and not be done carelessly or without guidance.

If you run a non-profit organization, here are 3 reasons why volunteer background screening is important:

1 – Provide a safe environment for children and other vulnerable individuals. Non-profit organizations are often in charge of supervising children (e.g., camps) or vulnerable people (e.g., disabled). The last thing that you want is to hire someone with the best intentions, but to later find out they have harmed one of your volunteers or children.

2 – Check to see if this person has any legal history. Do you know what you are getting yourself into? Volunteer background screening can help determine whether an individual may have had a problem with the law in the past, so that you can steer clear of those who might be dangerous for your voluntary workers and children.

3 – Help protect the reputation of your organization. Volunteer background screening can help you to protect the reputation of an organization by offering a safe environment. This also helps ensure that people are who they say they are, doing what they claim to be doing, and actually showing up when expected.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why volunteer screening is critical… And is much more detailed than just checking for criminal records… And should be something that every non-profit organization takes seriously. It isn’t as simple as looking at a criminal background check and taking someone’s word for it; it involves digging deeper to truly understand the individual you may be working with.

FirstPoint Background Screening Resources offers all the volunteer background screening tools to meet your needs.


Volunteer Screening