Drug Testing

FirstPoint Substance Abuse Screening…
one more piece of decision information for hiring
the right person and reduce your HR cost.

Offering instant results AND traditional screening processing
Conveniently ordered at the same time as your background screening
Results are included in your background screening report
Substance Abuse Education posters available for your workplace

Alcohol Testing

      • On-site urine and saliva rapid detection service

Drug Testing

      • Onsite rapid result 6-panel saliva testing
      • Onsite rapid result opiate saliva testing
      • Onsite rapid result 5-panel urine testing
      • 5-,8- and 10- Panel Urinalysis
      • 5- and 10-Panel Urinalysis with
        Expanded Opiates
      • 5-Panel Hair
      • 5-Panel Saliva
      • Healthcare Panel Urinalysis
      • Steroid Panel Urinalysis
      • DOT 5-Panel Urinalysis
Drug Testing