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Social Media Screening

Social Media for Background Screening… Are you using it legally in the hiring process?


The Reality: Social Media has fundamentally changed HR. According to, over 45 percent of hiring managers use social media research to validate or supplement information provided on a resume.

Social Media

      • Offers a treasure trove of information that can improve your hiring results.
      • Provides deeper insight into both professional and personal characteristics of candidates.
      • Can help identify negative behaviors and activities to safeguard the organization.
      • Uncovers positive attributes of candidates.

The Challenge: The legal pitfalls associated with utilizing social media in the hiring process should not be ignored. For example, a company can face liability issues under federal Jaw if a hiring manager is exposed to a candidate’s “protected class” information during the screening process, potentially resulting in allegations of dis­crimination.

Social Media Background Screening

The Solution: FirstPoint Social Media Screening provides employers with the benefits of using social media for employment screening while reducing the legal exposure of conducting these searches internally.

        • Evaluates job candidates for negative and positive online activity based on client’s pre-defined criteria.
        • Obtains job relevant information from social media sites while preserving fair and consistent hiring.
        • Combines automated Deep Web technology with manual, multi-tier analyst review.
        • Filters out information that is prohibited from the hiring process, complying with FCRA, EEOC, Title VII and state laws.
        • Provides active monitoring of current employees’ online profiles.
        • Takes the guesswork out of deciphering unorganized Internet results.
        • Delivers simple, easy-to-understand results.
Social Media Screening | FirstPoint Background Screening