Background Screening Firm Questions


  1. Are you a member of the background screening trade association-Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) and does your firm actively participate and support professionalism in the screening industry?
  2. Is your background screening firm accredited by the Background Screening Credentialing Council of PBSA?
  3. Does your firm have a Compliance Department with a Compliance Officer with expertise in the background screening profession and its laws and regulations?
  4. Does your background screening firm carry errors and omissions insurance coverage of at least $2,000,000?
  5. Do all of the client care representatives in your firm carry the Fair Credit Reporting Act Certification provided by PBSA?
  6. Is all of the work performed in the United States to protect the privacy and quality—i.e., nothing sent offshore to India or other “cheaper places” that puts the applicants personally identifiable information at risk?
  7. Does your firm offer a web-based 24/7 operating platform for ordering and retrieving background screening reports?
  8. Can your background screening system firm archive all records so an employer can maintain paperless systems?
  9. Does your background screening firm operate on a platform that is HR-XML compliant that can integrate seamlessly into your HRIS and/or ATS systems?
  10. Are all employment and education checks conducted by well trained personnel in a controlled call center environment with nothing being sent to cheaper at-home workers where data privacy and the quality of work is at risk?
  11. Do all employees within the background screening team receive on-going training including training on the ever-changing legal issues of background screening?
  12. Do you notify your clients of changes in the FCRA and other applicable laws?
  13. Are in-depth status notes available 24/7 on all solutions while in process?
  14. Is your Client Care Center staffed with trained professionals who actually answer the phone instead of receiving an automated computer voice response system?
  15. Does your system provide updated information on court closings, weather conditions, etc. that might impact turnaround times each time you log into the system?
  16. Has your background screening company been ranked twice in the top 4 in the nation for delivering excellent customer service by the HRO Today magazine?
  17. Does your company own its own proprietary operating platform so that you can make customized changes as needed to meet my needs?
  18. Is on-site and web-based training available for our staff to learn how to use your system?
  19. Will my account be managed by a call-center or an account executive and team lead who gets to know me and my team and our specific needs?
  20. Has your company demonstrated a commitment to accuracy, integrity and the highest level of client service for over 110 years?
Background Screening Firm Questions