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Pre-Employment Drug Screens

pre-employment drug screens

Pre-employment drug testing is now required by law in most states, and it is something that almost everyone must face at some time. For the employees who have never gone through pre-employment drug screenings before, this can be a frightening experience and somewhat confusing. Here we will outline what pre-employment drug screenings are and why they are so important.

Pre-employment drug screens usually start with a “pee test” in which urine samples are analyzed for traces of drugs and medications. Drug tests like this can detect various types of drugs from marijuana to cocaine to prescription painkillers such as oxycodone or morphine. Reasons for pre-employment drug screens vary depending on the job type, but generally speaking, pre-employment testing is done in industries where safety is an important factor. Manufacturing, transportation, aviation, and public utilities are just a few examples of industries where pre-employment drug screening is essential. Other pre-employment testing areas include the military, medical and pharmaceutical jobs, where drug screening before employment is often required in order to maintain standards.

It is important to note that these preliminary drug screenings do not only test for illegal drugs but also prescription medications that can potentially have detrimental effects on safety if taken while operating heavy machinery or driving vehicles. Drug users aren’t the only ones who risk their own safety by using drugs; drug screens can detect whether or not employees are taking prescription medication such as anti-depressants which may cause drowsiness at work – a dangerous situation when working around moving equipment. When looking at pre-employment drug screening from a broad perspective, pre-employment drug testing is used to identify any potentially dangerous situations that may place clients, customers, or employees in harm’s way.

While pre-employment screenings can seem like an invasion of privacy, the end result is actually a great benefit to both employers and employees alike. Generally speaking, this type of drug screening service has become something that is expected for many pre-hire candidates who want to compete with other job seekers and know what to expect from future interviews. By looking at pre-employment drug screening from a bigger picture, pre-employment drug screens are beneficial for both pre-hire and pre-existing employees.

When it comes down to it, pre-employment drug screening should not be seen as this intimidating or intrusive idea, but rather as something that ensures everyone’s health and wellbeing in the workplace. Safe workplaces benefit everyone involved from employees and employers – people who often have families they return home to after work each night. With pre-employment drug tests and fair hiring practices in place at workplaces across America, pre-employment drug screening can help prevent accidents before they occur.

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Pre-Employment Drug Screens – FirstPoint Background Screening Resources