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FirstPoint Background Screening Resources, Inc. Introduces Video Interviewing Platform

Release Date : 07/15/20

For Immediate Release

Contact: Scott Hall, Sr. Vice President, FirstPoint Background Screening Resources, Inc.

Greensboro, NC – July 14, 2020 — FirstPoint Background Screening Resources, Inc. (FPBSR) is pleased to announce a partnership with OutMatch a Talent Intelligence Platform that helps companies hire and develop great employees to provide OutMatch’s Video Interviewing solution. The Video Interviewing solution offered by FirstPoint aids companies in the shift to support business continuity via the shift to virtual recruiting and the hiring of fully-remote employees.

As the impact and uncertainty of the global health pandemic accelerates, business leaders are responding in the moment, instituting new workplace policies, such as work from home and social distancing, with very little preparation and advanced notice to employees. While health and safety of employees is top priority, leaders are facing another daunting challenge: keeping their businesses moving forward and minimizing disruption as best they can.

“Our goal is to keep the human side of business strong and organizations moving forward with their recruitment and hiring needs,” states M. Scott Hall, Senior Vice President of FPBSR. “Assisting companies with interviewing and hiring the people they need requires new technologies and a new way of recruiting,” Hall continues. Global health concerns are forcing companies to change their approach to hiring, and even halt hiring in some cases. By supporting the shift to virtual hiring, we’re doing our part to keep employees and candidates healthy with as little disruption to the business as possible.

To help organizations maintain some control over the wellbeing of their employees while continuing to hire, FirstPoint and OutMatch are offering their full Video Interviewing solution free for 60 days. This solution supports virtual hiring in many ways, enabling talent teams to:

        • Qualify, interview, and evaluate candidates 100% virtually, if needed
        • Minimize travel by identifying your best candidates to bring on-site
        • Maintain the human connection, especially when hiring is done remotely

This offer is available to all organizations and requires no commitment.

“This is our way of helping our communities through a time of crisis,” said Robin Stenzel, Chief Solutions Officer at OutMatch. “Our mission is to match people with purpose – not only in times of health and abundance, but in trying times as well.”

More information can be found at:

About FirstPoint Background Screening Resources, Inc.

FPBSR is an international leader in pre-employment background screening and ongoing employee monitoring. FBPSR serves its clients all over the globe with the latest in employment screening services provided through superior technology. FPBSR has been voted twice as a top 10 in the nation for Customer Satisfaction by the magazine HRO Today. Accredited by the Background Screening Credentialing Council of the Professional Background Screening Association, FPBSR is committed to compliance and integrity. Connect with the FirstPoint Experience today.

About OutMatch

The OutMatch Talent Intelligence Platform brings clarity to talent decisions by gathering the right data and putting the insights companies need at their fingertips. We help the world’s biggest brands to select and develop great people, maximizing the employee life cycle. Nearly 100 million candidates and employees have used OutMatch technology, with over 10 million flowing through per year. This volume of data gives OutMatch unique insight into the workforce and prepares OutMatch clients for the future of work.

FirstPoint Background Screening Resources, Inc. Accreditation Confirmed

We are pleased to announce that the 3-year review of our accreditation by the Professional Background Screening Association’s (PBSA) Background Screening Credentialing Council has been completed and the continuation of our accreditation has been approved. This continuation of our accreditation shows that all members of the FirstPoint Background Screening team remain committed to excellence in its processes and in its adhering to all federal, state, and local regulations.

“The continuation of our accreditation shows that FirstPoint is committed to conducting business the right way on a daily basis,” states Scott Hall, Senior Vice President and COO. “Compliance and integrity are foundational pillars of our company. Pillars that we have built upon for over 100 years,” Hall continues

The PBSA offers an accreditation program for Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) located in the United States. Governed by a strict and thorough set of professional standards of specified requirements and measurements, the Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program (BSAAP) has become a widely recognized seal of approval bringing national recognition to an employment background screening-affiliated organization for its commitment to achieving excellence through high professional standards with accountability that results in continued institutional improvement. The BSAAP provides a detailed process for evaluating and improving internal operating procedures that every CRA, and their clients, benefit from. Accredited CRAs have made a commitment to uphold and deliver the highest level of industry standards for the following critical areas:

        • Information Security
        • Legal and Compliance
        • Client Education
        • Researcher and Data Standards
        • Verification Services Standards
        • Business Practices

You can learn more about FirstPoint and Correct Checks
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FirstPoint’s Background Screening Division Grows by Acquisition

On July 1, 2017 FirstPoint Background Screening Resources acquired Correct Checks, Inc. headquartered in McKinney, TX. Correct Checks is a full-service background screening company with clients located throughout the United States. “This acquisition shows our commitment to growth and finding partners who share the same value of delivering an excellent client experience.” states M. Scott Hall, Senior Vice President and head of the background screening division for FirstPoint. This acquisition expands FirstPoint’s footprint further west and brings accreditation to the Correct Checks clients. “Delivering an excellent client experience only happens if the proper procedures and processes are in place. This acquisition brings all of the Correct Checks clients under the accreditation earned by FirstPoint from the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA).” Hall continues. FirstPoint not only expanded its client base and geographic foot print with this acquisition, but created new jobs in FirstPoint’s home office located in Greensboro, NC as a result of the Correct Checks acquisition.

You can learn more about FirstPoint and Correct Checks
at and