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In this age of more stringent accountability and security, conducting student  screenings has become a standard operating procedure for many schools and organizations. This extra responsibility can add to the administrative burden of your team. That’s where comes into play. automates the student background screening process and is backed by the experience and reputation of FirstPoint Background Screening Services. is an online tool that automates and manages the screening process from start to finish. By using, your students can order and view their own information, eliminating the need for your staff to be involved at every step. What’s more, StudentScreener allows you to customize the information included in the background report. Once completed, the reports are available for you to review online at your convenience or the report can be electronically delivered directly to the school representative.

For Students is an online tool that allows students to order their own background screenings for submission to institutions of higher learning and other organizations. This site collects the necessary information to process your report.

Background checks are required by schools for a number of reasons including admissions, employment, athletics, and housing. In addition, many fields of study require these checks for internships, clinical placement, fellowships and permanent job placement. Most people will be required to submit to a background screening at some point in their student or professional lives. will take you step-by-step through the process. You can expect to spend an average of five minutes completing this process.


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It’s important to know if students are qualified for your program, but it can be difficult to find out about their background. You need a way to screen potential students without having to spend hours doing research on each applicant.

Now you have, an online tool that automates and manages the student background screening process from start to finish. With one click of a button, you’ll receive instant access to all the information you need in order make informed decisions about who is accepted into your program or facility. provides fast and accurate student background checks so that you can focus on what matters most – admitting the best students to your school! is an innovative, cloud-based background screening service that automates the student background screening process for colleges and universities. Get the information you need with pinpoint accuracy and blazing speed of service. Talk to a human and have a personal representative to help you from our world-class team of experts in Greensboro, NC.

Student Background Checks By FirstPoint